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The foundation of the Portland IQ formed when Portland's rapidly maturing  higher-ed anchor institutions recognized that shared goals, overlapping constituencies, close proximity, increasing community investment, and complementary real-estate development projects presented a rare opportunity for collaboration — collaboration that would provide exponentially more value as a combined effort than it would as individual projects.

The first signs of this emerging collaborative ecosystem are already part of Portland, materializing in signature projects like the OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building, a joint project among OHSU, Oregon State University (OSU), and PSU located at the Tilikum Crossing bridgehead on Portland's South Waterfront. This area — fed by bicycle and pedestrian paths, light rail, streetcars, buses, and the Portland Tram — is quickly emerging as a hotbed for life science, medical device, and digital health startups. 

Today, the inspiration from that initial project is already informing other collaborative and complementary pursuits like the $1 billion Knight Cancer Center and the creation of the Eastside Innovation Hub, a new lab-office space in the Central Eastside. 


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leading the Portland IQ


Board of directors


The founding board members of the Portland IQ feature a variety of organizations championing innovation in the region, representing viewpoints from the earliest startups to the most established institutions. Each member of the board is charged with ensuring that the Portland IQ continues to foster an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable hub for innovation that serves all Portland residents. 


Erin Flynn
Executive Director &
Founding Board Member

Denise McCarty

BEAM Development
Brad Malsin

Central Eastside Industrial Council
Kate Merrill 

Greater Portland Inc. 
Matt Miller

Hilltop Public Solutions
Lauren Garrett

Oregon Health Sciences University
David Robinson

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry
Ken Wilson

Oregon Bioscience Association
Liisa Bozinovic

OTRADI/Oregon Bioscience Incubator
Heather Ellis

Portland Community College
Kendra Cawley


Portland General Electric
Leslie Heilbrunn

Portland Public Schools
Jeanne Yerkovich

Portland State University
Joe Janda

Prosper Portland
Kimberly Branam

John Olivier

Summit Development
Eric Myers

Technology Association of Oregon
Skip Newberry

University of Oregon
Patrick Phillips

Worksystems, Inc.
Andrew McGough



Doing the work



Under the direction of the board, the Portland IQ workgroups are charged with driving the tactics and programs that fulfill the Portland IQ vision across a number of disciplines. 


Access & Career Pathways

A collaboration among corporations, educational institutions, and workforce development organizations that is designed to influence programs and curriculum. The Access & Career Pathways Workgroup seeks to deliver clear pathways for youth and adults that stimulate creative and innovative thought from preschool through continuing career education, ensuring that Portland continues to educate the workforce required to remain competitive in the innovation economy. 


Real Estate & Business Development

Focusing on the physical infrastructure and capital that house and fuel the Portland IQ ecosystem, the Real Estate & Business Development Workgroup seeks to create engagement and opportunities for building owners, real estate developers, commercial real estate brokers, corporate sponsors, and venture capital, among others, to participate in shaping the innovation economy in Portland. 



In order for the Portland IQ  to continue to attract businesses, infrastructure, investment, and talent that fuels our ecosystem, we must concentrate efforts on creating inclusive, accessible, and equitable places and spaces that engage partners and participant. The Placemaking Workgroup focuses on ensuring that a variety of contributors are collaborating to build the places and spaces that attract and retain the most innovative people, companies, and programs.  


Startup Resources

The Portland IQ seeks to provide resources for all innovative businesses, even those at their earliest stages. The Startup Resources Workgroup gathers accelerators, educators, incubators, and investors to collaborate in support of the startups and tech transfer projects that drive the most forward-thinking and promising innovations in the ecosystem.


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