Portland IQ Partner: OTRADI Oregon Bioscience Incubator

In the Portland IQ, sometimes innovation can be found within the frameworks of the very institutions that support the IQ. Nowhere is that more true than the Oregon Bioscience Incubator (OBI), one of the most successful bioscience and digital health accelerators in the Pacific Northwest.

The organization’s most impressive innovation? It didn’t start out as an incubator. It became an incubator because it recognized that opportunity and need within the burgeoning Portland bioscience community.

Founded in 2007, the OBI began its existence as the Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute (OTRADI) — one of Oregon’s Signature Research Centers (SRC). It was charged with translating scientific research developed in the state of Oregon’s research laboratories into commercial ventures.

As the organization performed its role as an SRC, it continued to encounter young bioscience and digital health companies. Companies that required more support and assistance than was currently available in the state of Oregon.

And it was in the opportunity, that the OBI, itself, innovated. By transforming the organization to embrace a new mission, as an incubator for the bioscience startups who needed their support.

Today, the organization serves two roles. OBI fills the gap between research and commercialization by providing resources and expertise found nowhere else in Oregon, operating the state’s only nonprofit collaborative bioscience discovery laboratory, as well as the state’s first and only bioscience-specific incubator.

Its impact on the state bioscience industry has been significant.

As a founding member of the Portland IQ, OBI has helped provide a voice for early stage startups, through its role on the Portland IQ board as well as guiding the Portland IQ Startup Resources Working Group. A consummate community builder, the organization regularly hosts events and gatherings that bring the broader Portland IQ community together in support of the bioscience industry in Oregon.

But they’re not stopping there.

By partnering with other Portland IQ organizations — like the Oregon Bioscience Association, Oregon Health Sciences University, PhRMA, Summit Development, and the Technology Association of Oregon, among others — the OBI is helping to usher in a whole new generation of much needed infrastructure — from physical work and lab space to programs that highlight the innovation in the state — that promises to support the growing bioscience and digital health community.

For more information on Portland IQ partner OBI, visit OTRADI (OBI). Or if you’re interested in taking part in the bioscience and digital health community that OBI fosters, consider attending an upcoming Accelerate Biotech and Digital Health Happy Hour.

Rick Turoczy