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True collaboration moves beyond discussion and conversation. It results in activity, tasks, and outcomes. It envisions, engages, and effects change. The Portland IQ is already realizing outcomes of this extraordinary and wide-reaching collection of partnerships and connections. 

A variety of teams are already taking the Portland IQ vision and implementing programs to foster more inclusive and collaborative innovation in the region. From the earliest startups to rethinking environmental impact on a district-level scale, the following collaborations are among the initial efforts realizing the vision of a truly equitable environment for all participants.




The Portland IQ is collaborating with EcoDistricts and Meyer Memorial Trust in efforts to adopt and implement the EcoDistrict Protocol, a framework which establishes measurable goals and strategies for achieving equity, resilience, and climate protection outcomes at a district-level scale.

EcoDistricts believes that within every neighborhood there lies the opportunity to design truly innovative, scalable solutions designed to address the biggest challenges facing urban environments: income, education, and health disparities; blight and ecological degradation; the growing threat of climate change; and rapid, unchecked urban growth. Their efforts guide city makers, enabling them to take a creative, collaborative, holistic, and neighborhood-scale approach to community design thereby creating rigorous, meaningful performance outcomes that matter to people of the district — and the entire planet.

The Portland IQ is one of several district-scale development projects — others include the Albina Vision, Broadway Corridor, and Green Loop — driven by public and private sectors, that have, at their foundations, a commitment to an inclusive and equitable process and outcomes.

The approach undertaken by the Portland IQ will be the next evolution of the model tested by the Broadway Corridor, a continued drive toward the goal for a replicable, affordable model that can be used in future district-scale planning and development projects. Through its work on the Broadway Corridor, Prosper Portland created an open and replicable model. The IQ provides the next logical place to test, refine, and improve upon that model.


accelerating innovation


Startup incubators and accelerators


The earliest stages of innovation — as entrepreneurs develop new products and found the companies that promise future innovations — provide some of the richest opportunities for collaboration. At the nexus of new vision and inherent knowledge and expertise, these Portland IQ programs are ensuring the next generation of companies gain efficient access to the resources, mentorship, and investment they require to thrive. 


OTRADI Bioscience Incubator

The OTRADI Bioscience Incubator (OBI) is Oregon’s first and only bioscience-specific accelerator. The OBI provides scientists and young companies with the resources and expertise needed to take their research from the lab to the market.

Whether it’s commercializing a life sciences product or raising capital to fund a promising venture, the OBI provides scientists and young companies with the infrastructure, equipment and expertise needed to get to the next level.

For more information, visit  http://www.otradi.org/incubation/



Begun as a conversation between Wieden+Kennedy, the largest privately held creative advertising agency in the world, and the Portland, Oregon, startup community, the Portland Incubator Experiment — known more commonly as PIE — has become an ongoing experiment designed to enable established organizations — like corporations, government, and educational institutions, among others — to more effectively collaborate with startup communities in mutually beneficial ways. Throughout its history, PIE has served as a curated coworking space, a community event space, a startup accelerator, a flashpoint for corporate innovation, an accelerator for accelerators, and a home-away-from-home for startup types — and the startup curious — from around the world. 

For more information, visit https://piepdx.com/


Portland State Business Accelerator

The Portland State University Business Accelerator houses over 20 tech, bioscience and cleantech companies in an entrepreneurial community like none other. Accelerator companies are on a mission to bring game-changing innovations to market faster, bigger and bolder. The PSBA team helps with turnkey access to private and co-working office space, specialty facilities such as wetlabs and protyping shops, and an impressive roster of mentors and investors. The secret sauce? Connectivity with PSU research, startups, students, and community. 

For more information, visit https://www.pdx.edu/accelerator/


PIE Shop

The PIE Shop is a manufacturing focused startup accelerator formed in partnership with Autodesk, PIE, and Uncorked Studios, all founding partners of the Portland IQ.

Startups in the program can access Autodesk’s space, software, equipment, and expertise, as well as product development and strategy from Uncorked Studios and mentorship and community connections from PIE.

The program is housed in the new Autodesk Portland office and hosts up to 10 selected startups at a time.

For more information, visit  http://bit.ly/PIEshop


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